The covered palanquin for female members of the Royal Family is beautifully crafted with graduating roofs. The gables are perforated gold with enameled patterns and the god Bhrama astride his swan. The perforated roof finials are decorated with beetle wings and the end finials are crafted into angelic beings with diamond studded apparel in the gesture of paying respect. The roof has a perforated design inlayed with slivers of beetle wings. Gold is used abundantly, at times with enamel decorations. The shimmering gold filigreed curtains of the palanquin are tied back with bird motif clasps. The base of the palanquin is crafted of wood that is gilded with gold leaf while the panels have been artistically perforated. The seat of the palanquin has a woven patterned mat of silver strips. This is overlaid with a red silk seat cloth that is exquisitely embroidered with gold threads. The expertly carved wood carrying poles are passed through hoops of enameled gold.

Number of artisans: 160
Production time: 1 year 6 months